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30 Under 30 Awards | The Official Page

About 30under30 Awards

The ThinkOyo Initiative is a public-private partnership Initiative in Oyo State that seeks to change the status quo by championing youth participation through various development ideas.

The Initiative is made up of young, upwardly mobile people in both the public and the private sectors who are passionate about improving the lot of Oyo state and lifting it to the enviable pedestal that it once occupied in the comity of state in Nigeria.

Some of the initiatives that have thus far been embarked upon include "The ThinkOyo Road Trip", "The ThinkOyo Library Make-over", "The ThinkOyo Book Reading" etc. This initiative has gained plenty of acclaim, in every nook and cranny of Oyo state, and is fast becoming a major hub for young people in the state to share ideas, network, and generally fold their sleeves and put in the work required to move Oyo State forward.

The ThinkOyo UNDER 30 Awards
This initiative was birthed nearly a year ago and the giant strides it has taken with a view to complementing the government in trying to transform Oyo state into a model state for others, are indeed laudable, considering the relatively short length of time during which it has been in existence. In celebrating one year of purposeful activity, harnessed strengths and ideas, brilliant ideas and execution and intense, grueling efforts at lifting Oyo state to greater heights, the ThinkOyo Initiative hereby introduces the ThinkOyo Under 30 Awards, aptly tagged "Oyo: The Now, The Future".

The ThinkOyo Under 30 Awards was conceptualized in order to give honor and recognition to young people under the age of thirty (30) who have distinguished themselves in their various areas of endeavor. These young people will be accorded special recognition and their endeavors will be promoted. They will also become ambassadors of the ThinkOyo Initiative and (maybe Oyo State).

The ThinkOyo Under 30 Awards will feature young people who have distinguished themselves in the following areas:

This category will feature outstanding young media personality (Male of Female) in Oyo state. It will cut across Prints, Radio and/or Television Broadcast, and New Media Categories.

This category will feature an outstanding young fashion personality (Male of Female), or group. This includes Fashion Designers, Stylists, Models, and other Fashion related fields.

Innovation and Technology
This category will feature an outstanding young person, or a group, with innovations in Technology.

This category will feature an outstanding young person, or group, in Oyo state, that has excelled in starting and managing succesfully to create value in business.

This category will feature an outstanding young person, or group, in all spheres of sport.

This category will feature a natural young entertainer or a group, in Music, Film and other spheres of Entertainment.

Creative Arts
This category will feature an outstanding and artistic young person, or group, in Oyo state, who has/have excelled in the Creative Arts; Photography, Graphics Design, Creative Writing, Arts and Painting, Sculpture, Performing Acts etc.

This category will feature a young person, or group, who had excelled in advocacy, with various causes and achievements to his/her/their credit.

This category will feature young people in the Educational sector of Oyo state, who have distinguished themselves across the various educational strata. This will include primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the Educational sector.

Public Service
This category will feature a young person, or group, who has excelled in public service in Oyo state. Young politicians and Civil Servants fit this category.

Nominations for the ThinkOyo Under 30 will be on for about 4 weeks, and will be open to individuals who are under thirty (30) years of age, reside in Oyo State, who's businesses are based in Oyo state, or people who are indigenes of Oyo state.

During this time, members of the general Oyo state community may nominate the people they think deserve the award. After this, verification and collation of nominations will take place and a shortlist will be announced. The shortlist will include 3 nominated, verified and qualified candidates in each category. These people will be contacted, then voting will commence for each category.

Oyo state citizens and members of the general public will be required to vote their favorite nominees. The votes will then be collated, and, after due verifications and authentication have been made, winners will be selected. The shortlisted candidates will be hosted and awarded certificates of nomination at an event in December, during which the winners for each category will be announced.

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